Russian Pharmacies has been published
by Remedium group of companies since 1999
8 - 12 - 2016 [12:41]

Russian Pharmacies - a journal for pharmaceutic business professionals

'Russian Pharmacies' Online -

Russian Pharmacies is a sectoral journal of the federal scope, directed at pharmaceutical business professionals.

The journal is read by heads of pharmacies and health institutions, pharmacists, pharmaceutical chemists, members of distributor firms, health care workers, specialists in drugs provision.

Among its authors are well-known scientists, heads of pharmacies, top-managers, leading analysts.

Russian Pharmacies has been published since 1999. Its success within wide circle of readers is due to:

  • exclusive information including analytical reviews of the range of pharmaceutical goods, articles on organisation and management of pharmaceutical institutions
  • high professional skills of the editorial staff
  • top quality polygraphy, convenient and ingenious design

    Information support to the journal is provided by RMBC company (Research, Marketing, Bussiness Counsulting).

    Main sections and columns of the journal:

  • Feedback - you write... (letters from our readers)
  • Info-news - Valuable, Interesting, Practical
    (the most important news, advertisements of significant events, useful information in a couple of lines).
  • Focus of attention - main events; relevant issues of pharmaceutical service and the ways to solve them.
  • Business technologies - practical advice for companies with a wide regional network or companies planning expansion into regions. Legal consulting, changes in regulations, new organisational technologies, interesting experiences, practical issues of current concern.
  • Pharm-spectrum (pharmaceutical spectrum) - new drugs and medical goods, their characteristics and their place within the range of goods, the prospects of trade. Each issue highlights modern approaches to treatment and prevention of certain diseases. Updates on drugs.
  • Express-analytics - pharmacy sales reports, ratings, reviews, figures, concerning different sections of pharmaceutical market.
  • Algorithm of drugs choice and offer - 'navigator' column to help your pharmacy to find a proper way in the ocean of drugs and make a right choice in different cases; the column also contains useful marketing information.
  • Not just drugs - drugs assortment, prospects and opportunities of widening the range of pharmaceutical and medical goods, food supplements, goods and products of personal hygiene, medical-care products etc.
  • What it was like - stories from the history of pharmacy and medical science; interesting people and events.


    Russian Pharmacies is distributed only by subscription.

    The subscription is available:

  • via Rospechat' agency (Russian Press)
  • via other subscription agencies
  • at the editorial office

    You can find a copy of Russian Pharmacies at the largest specialised exhibitions, conferencies, workshops.

    Publisher's imprint

    Frequency - 24 issues a year, format - A4, full-colour, volume - 36 pages, circulation - 10 000 copies (each issue), 20 000 copies per month.


    The journal has been registered by Russian Federation Press Commitee (Komitet po pechati) on Nov 25 1999, record PI N 77-1138. Phone: 7803425 (multiline)
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